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I can live without you. I did it before. It just won’t be how I wanted it to be, but not everyone gets what they want, right?

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It’s almost like I love how you put me through so much fucking pain.

After all these years of you leaving and coming back nonstop, you would think I’d be smart enough to not go back this last time.

Nope. I still fell for you because I always think “this time is going to be different.”

The next time you come back, I’m probably going to put myself through this same exact shit.

But in a way, it’s okay for me to go through this because, just for the time being, I get to call you mine and tell you that I love you again, and it makes breathing 100xs better and just living every second of every day better.

It sounds bad to be thinking this way, but to love someone else is completely insane. I’ve tried to love, and I’ve never been able to truly say it the way I’m able to say it to you. I’ve tried to open my heart and mind to others, but it just never feels right. It sucks because if I can, I would. But I can’t.

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No matter how much you tell someone that the person they love is wrong for them, nothing will work. In the end you really have to realize that on your own. You probably won’t ever stop loving someone you loved but it’s just a different type of love.


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you know the aching is real once you turn to tumblr again after 2 years.

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It sucks when you’re hurting, but you can’t show it because then, you’ll feel even more selfish than the person who made you feel that way in the first place.. and you don’t wanna be that person.

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You know, it sucks when you’re just the collateral damage in someone’s torn up fucking life when they were just a big part of yours. Good to see where anything stands. I should’ve seen this coming from the get go. Though, I do not know for sure if you are feeling this way, I feel that this is what it’s going to end up being like. Me being the collateral damage in your life. AGAIN. The collateral damage that stands as a fork in the road on your way to finding who you really truly are and who you really fucking love.
This whole time, I’ve always thought,” oh she’ll come back. She always does.” Well you are fucking correct she does. But she only comes back for comfort. You know this and you feel this. Your friends tell you what’s up, but love keeps you turning a blind eye towards that valuable fact of her needing you in a sense to where it’s all selfish and all for her boost of self esteem and comfort.
Yeah, she’s going through a big turning point in life.. That’s why I thought she changed. Because it was her time for her to grow up. I gave her the benefit of the doubt that she had, MAINLY because that last drop of love and hope sparked up out of no where once she messaged me again.
Yes, I’m a dumbass for falling for her once again.. but I’m afraid that this won’t be the last time this will happen. She will come back, and then she will leave. I am that permanent fork in the road that she keeps bumping into when her love life has shot down the drain.
But, I have yet to see who she really is and who she will become. Once I find out, that is when I will have the real closure of whether I was the fork in the road, or if she really loves me and keeps coming back but at the wrong time.

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I’m going to shoot any of you that post up photos from miley’s concert tonight.. I hate you all. It should be me there 

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asdfghjkl people try so hard to be like those tumblr famous people on other social networking sites and I’m here like… yo.. thats innapropro. you don’t act like this on here. ya know know?

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Some bitches get the stupidest tattoos. They get a heart on their armpit and be on their instagram bio like “#inked” “#teamtatted” 

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The only reason you keep in contact with someone after meeting them is because they brought out a different form of happiness in you. No one realizes this but anyone can make you happy, but the people you really think about and want to keep in your life are the ones that take it to another level and give you a different happiness. You shouldn’t have to do this, but think fuckin twice, or even THREE times before you fuck it up and turn that happiness y’all have now, into something y’all USE to have. 

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