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I’m going to shoot any of you that post up photos from miley’s concert tonight.. I hate you all. It should be me there 

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asdfghjkl people try so hard to be like those tumblr famous people on other social networking sites and I’m here like… yo.. thats innapropro. you don’t act like this on here. ya know know?

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Some bitches get the stupidest tattoos. They get a heart on their armpit and be on their instagram bio like “#inked” “#teamtatted” 

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The only reason you keep in contact with someone after meeting them is because they brought out a different form of happiness in you. No one realizes this but anyone can make you happy, but the people you really think about and want to keep in your life are the ones that take it to another level and give you a different happiness. You shouldn’t have to do this, but think fuckin twice, or even THREE times before you fuck it up and turn that happiness y’all have now, into something y’all USE to have. 

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is it the last day of school yet

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